It’s the End of the World as We Know it.

Its been two weeks now. It was on March 13th that things got real – yes, that was Friday the 13th. Go figure. It was on that fateful day when President Trump declared an official state of national emergency. And it was on that day when we could no longer deny that Coronavirus was here – and that it was really going to force some big changes for us. Up until that ominous day, many of us had been mildly aware of the Coronavirus story for months, but as nothing more than another unfolding tale about hardship and misfortune that was affecting people in a completely different world from our own. People who we’d never meet, living on the other side of the globe, who spoke a language we didn’t understand, ate things we would never dream of touching, and who many of us would never have any meaningful connection to.

Fast forward ten days, and it seems that nothing is the same as it has ever been – and that nothing will ever be the way that it once was. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t – but either way, we are going to be okay. Life is a constantly evolving journey, and throughout history, whenever the paradigms shift, humans adapt. It is what we are inherently conditioned us to do.

Currently, in order to ‘flatten the curve‘, to ‘slow the spread‘, to ‘throttle the transmission‘ we are being asked to stay at home. For many of us, that’s a lot to adapt to, especially without the comfort of an end date to calm our minds. Despite the uncertainty, I think most of us understand the reasons we need to adapt our routine, and to stay at home. Hopefully in that shared purpose, we can all find a sense solidarity that reminds us that we are all in this together.

We started not just to encourage you to do the right thing, and stay at home, but also to serve as a resource of; information, advice, support, and ideas that relate to navigating our connected world during this time of social distancing which Covid-19 has brought upon us. Our intent is to focus on sharing ways to thrive professionally, to nurture the development of your children, to connect with friends, and most of all to help you maintain some sanity.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be an end, or even a pause to the life we now find ourselves missing. We have the unique choice to define this moment as an opportunity to reset, renew, reprioritize, and refocus. We hope to make the best of it, and we hope that you will join us.

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